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GO Noodle House

Inspired by one of their family recipes, the co-founders then continued to research & enhance the technique further and even took up apprenticeships with street hawkers to master the finer art of cooking. Although it has its roots from a traditional Chinese recipe, we have refined the technique to appeal to discerning Malaysian palates and the GO marquee is now recognized as a Malaysian brand. We aspire to expand the GO experience all over to the ASIA Pacific region based on the key values: Premium Quality, Flavorful, Affordability.

GO Noodle House has lived up to its expectation as one of the best noodle restaurants to serve soup Mi Xian Noodles. One of the top most favourite choice of noodle bowl is our Signature Bursting Meatball Mi Xian. The burst in your mouth will blow your mind and pairing with delicious broth that comes from a tinge of the premium ShaoXing HuaDiao wine is quite essential in bringing out the distinctive taste, which only in GO Noodle House. While quality is never compromised, quantity is another factor that will leave you full, satisfied and most importantly with a smile.

Our traditional Chinese eating house concept – square wooden tables, straw wood chairs walls lined with bottles of rice wine, mu ren zhuang standing in one corner – is a signature look across all GO Noodle House branches. Expanded to over 30 outlets across Malaysia, and even three branches in Singapore and two branches in Australia

Awards Which GO Noodle House has bagged over the year include:

SME & Entrepreneuship Business Award Premier Edition

Phenomenal Brand Expansion Award

16th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2017

Asia Top
100 Favourite Brand

Golden Eagle
Award 2017


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GO Noodle House

Servicing up to 18,000 bowls daily



Not the ordinary soup & you will NEVER forget the taste once you try it.



Our noodles are incredibly silky & slurpy, yet filling!



Be spoiled with our choices of meat! Our best sellers are  premium beef balls, Fuchow fish balls, But seriously, try our BURSTING MEATBALLS!



Top up your bowl of soup noodles with our premium ShaoXing HuaDiao wine & be prepared to be mindblown.

Story of Superior Soup Mi Xian

The history of Chinese Imperial Food dates back to the 17th century when it was the staple for emperors and their royal families, according to official records kept during the Qing Dynasty. Dishes and delicacies, cooked by commoners, were refined by imperial chefs to give a unique taste and touch to tantalise the tastebuds of the royals, especially the Emperors.

  • Qing Dynasty

    As the story goes, Emperor Kangxi was visiting the Southern province when he came across a shed by the lakeside that housed several villagers who were sumptuously feasting on bowls of noodles.


  • First Noodle

    Intrigued by the sight and curious to know what the bowl of noodles tasted like, the Emperor sat down with the ordinary men to have a bowl.


  • The Origin Name

    The emperor was amazed by the taste and asked the chef what made the bowl of noodle extremely tasty, to which, Chef Chan beamed with a smile and answered Shan Xian Noodles (山鮮麵).

  • Meet the Emperor

    The chef went on to explain that the ingredients used in the broth were freshly sourced from the nearby mountain range every day.


  • Perfect Match

    Fascinated with the story, the Emperor decided to come up with his own distinctly improved version of the bowl of noodles by giving it an extra touch for a notch up. He added Chinese Rice Wine (花雕酒) to his bowl of noodles.


  • History Mark

    The Emperor conferred his recipe “Best Noodles in the World” (天下第一麵). The noodles became an integral part of the imperial cuisine and Chef Chan soon became part of the Imperial Chefs in the palace.


  • Share to the world

    Chefs from the palace went to different villages following the fall of Qing Dynasty to make a living and by that, included, selling the Emperor’s unique bowl of noodles.

  • Recipe Spread

    The recipe spread outside the empire and across the country as it was passed down from one generation to another.


  • The Rise of GO Noodle House

    And this is how the recipe finally came to us — GO Noodle House (有間麵館)— an inheritance that will forever be cherished.