Savor the Drunken Claypot Series!

Exciting News! Dive into flavor paradise with GO Noodle House’s NEW Drunken Claypot Series!

Indulge in deep sea grouper fish, prawns, imported clams or seafood simmered in premium Hua Diao wine. Served separately with 150g of silky Mi Xian for the ultimate culinary experience!

And there’s more! 🎉 Introducing new irresistible snacks and desserts:

  • Fried Bean Curd Roll
  • Mini You Tiao with Nyonya Curry
  • Mini You Tiao with Soya Bean Milk
  • Yam Biscuits
  • Gula Melaka Ball

Treat your taste buds to this symphony of flavors! Limited time only. Don’t miss out!

「有间面馆」推出 “酒香瓦煲” 系列!尽情品味在花雕酒中悠悠煮成的深海石斑鱼片、多汁虾、进口啦啦和海鲜,搭配弹牙米线,简直是极致享受!🍜

等等,还有更多!🎉 介绍我们令人难以抗拒的新点心和甜点:

  • 香脆腐皮卷
  • 迷你油条 + 娘惹咖喱
  • 迷你油条 + 豆奶
  • 台湾芋头饼
  • 古城黑糖麻薯